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Standard Drill Tap

Lead Anchors

Compression Bar

Our Standard shank version of O-Tags® Drill Tap is the most convienant and verstal system on the market today.

The O-Tags® Precut Lead Anchors provide convenient and efficient monument installations. *Alternatively Clay Epoxy can be used.

The O-Tags® Compression Bar is durable by design to handle hammer impact while transferring accurate compression to our Precut Lead Anchors.

SDS/SDS+ Drill Tap

Our Fixed SDS/SDS+  version of O-Tags® Drill Tap  is our workhorse product that offers more power and less effort.

U-Shaped Allen Wrench

The O-Tags® U-Shaped Allen Wrench was designed for quick and easy adjustment to the O-Tags® Drill Tap.


The O-Tags® system provides a single tool solution which installs commonly used 3/4" Brass Tags with high accuracy at record time.